A Better Way to Raise Money for Your School or Non-Profit Organization.

Put the FUN Back in Fundraising!

​The average school club or non-profit conducts 6-8 fundraisers a year - everything from car washes to selling candy bars.

​The problem is that once you calculate all of the time, effort and resources necessary to organize such an event, it becomes painfully clear that most fund-raisers are an exercise in futility.  Even worse, many professional fund-raisers take up to 90% of your profits, leaving you with a pittance for all that hard work.

You need a turn-key solution that generates maximum dollars for minimal effort!

I'm talking about a two-hour event.  A turn-key solution that guarantees you'll keep 80% of every advance ticket sold.  That's right - for every $10  ticket sold, you get $8.

Here's more:

  • No inventory.
  • No commitments.
  • No up-front costs or retainers.
  • Minimal time investment.
  • Minimal sales effort.  On average 3-5 tickets sold per member.
  • A turn-key solution.  The business and marketing plan is already written.
  • Free tickets and promotional materials - professionally printed and numbered.
  • Online ticketing to streamline the sales process and track sales in real time.
  • ​A family-friendly show that brings together the whole community.
  • ​Big returns!  80% of net sales go to your school or non-profit organization.
  • You're the hero!  It's the funniest and most entertaining show they've ever seen.

Sound too good to be true?  It's not and I'd like to send you more information about how you can make it happen.

​There's no obligation and right now, all I need is a point-of-contact.  Click the CONTACT button to receive monthly discount specials via E-mail.  We're going to make some serious fundraising dollars for your school or non-profit!

Do it today!

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